The shop has been in existence since the start of the 20th century, once one of nine shops it is the only one still left in the village. It is very special to the locals for many reasons.

The shop sells groceries, fresh vegetables, frozen food and ice cream, toys, stationery, newspapers and has an off licence. Take away pasties and cakes are also available plus a range of household items. The post office undertakes the usual postal functions plus banking and there is a cash machine which is available both during and out of post office hours.

The shop is the glue that binds a community, where the absence of someone is noticed and investigated and where the local news is communicated. The time taken to get from the Square to the shop and back can vary from 2 to 20 minutes depending whom one meets en route and in the shop.

Inside the shop Colin is a veritable fountain of local knowledge and does his best to support and be involved with local events, ably assisted by Sue and the other members who make up the shop team.

Truly part of what makes North Molton special to all who live here.